1Win Aviator Cookies Policy

The cookies on this site fulfill the function of customer identification to provide a high-quality service. In particular, the game software can protect your session and adapt to your language, settings, and other preferences. Check out the cookie policy of our 1Win Aviator website review to learn how this technology works.

What is the Cookies Policy of the 1win casino website.

The cookie exchange is when the site gives you a file through your browser to monitor your active session. Thanks to the saved logs, the system records your every action to instantly adapt the pages to your preferences during subsequent visits from the same computer. Furthermore, we can easily encrypt each user’s information by linking to the customer ID.

We use cookies to collect clients’ information to adjust the content of web pages. It is also possible for us to determine whether you have a personal computer or a smartphone using the tool to change the platform’s interface to a comfortable resolution. However, everyone can turn off the cookies feature, losing the enhanced experience available to other customers.
Besides, the technology of the cookies is helpful for our analysts to study the behavior of the users on the platform to focus on the highly demanded details of the Aviator. Nevertheless, the trackers cannot degrade the website’s loading speed thanks to compatibility with modern browsers.

At the same time, our web developers have implemented several types of cookies to get information about the visitors’ personal preferences and more. It is possible to distinguish the following categories of trackers available to us:

  • Crucial cookies. The essential files follow users around the site, preserving their interactions with elements on pages to ensure that previous actions after leaving the platform are never lost;
  • Functional cookies. You may accept this type of cookie to help us show content attractive to people in your location;
  • Third-party cookies. The inclusion of third-party cookies allows us to fund the platform and keep your security high with the assistance of our partners;
  • Performance cookies. The performance cookies collect information about the clients’ activity to enable us to optimize site metrics to improve the service, etc.

New and regular visitors can disable most cookies on our 1Win Aviator website, except for the critical files, because of their technical importance to the browsers.
The security cookies are always active to protect your session from stealing sensitive info. For example, the HttpOnly protocol for the files tells the server never to reveal the collected data to third parties to secure the identity of the clients. Some trackers also go through HTTPS encryption with enhanced privacy settings.

The management of cookies on our 1Win Aviator website allows users to control data collection tools. In addition, anyone can access policy settings to customize the protection and functionality of features for their needs. If you decide to change cookie storage preferences, most browsers allow you to delete the appropriate files automatically.